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Special Notice - Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See hiking safety tips

Packing for a Day Hike

Be prepared for a hike on the Bruce Trail (or any trail) with these essentials:

  1. WATER: 1 litre per person, 3 litres in summer
  2. FOOD: Lunch and/or high-energy snacks
  3. MAP: from your Bruce Trail Reference Guide, Downloadable Maps and/or Bruce Trail App*
  4. SUN PROTECTION: sunglasses, hat, suncreen
  5. INSULATION: extra layers for warmth and for rain/wind protection
  6. FIRST AID KIT: Including any medication you take regularly; We also suggest moleskin & a pair of scissors for blister treatment
  9. FLASHLIGHT: or headlamp, in case you are on the Trail longer than anticipated
  10. KNIFE
  11. EXTRA SOCKS: For longer hikes. Dry socks are key to avoiding blisters

COVID-19 Safety Items

Update your day pack to include:

  1. FACE COVERING: Wear a face mask when 2 metres/6 feet social distancing cannot be maintained.
  2. HAND SANITIZER: To use when water and soap are not available for handwashing. Expect limited to no washroom facilities on the trail.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping yourself and others safe!


Hiking boots are the best footwear to keep you safe, dry and happy along the Bruce Trail. If you don't have a pair, a solid pair of runners will suffice in most areas. 

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are handy but susceptible to power failure and poor reception.

Familiarize yourself with a map of the area before you leave for your hike, and carry a paper 'backup' if you have one.

Although cell phone coverage is not reliable along the entire length of the Bruce Trail, it is still recommended that you bring your cell phone, especially for the ability to make 911 emergency calls. Make sure it has a full charge.