Celebrate your hiking achievements with fun badges!

Bruce Trail Club Badges

Each Bruce Trail Club offers badges for completing its section of the Trail and for other challenges. Visit the Club websites for the latest offerings:

To obtain a Bruce Trail Club’s End-to-End badge, submit your trail logs for that Club’s section directly to the Club. Contact details are included in the links above.

End-to-end badge

End-to-End Badges

Keep a hiking log and by the end of your journey, let us know so that we may officially recognize you as an End-to-Ender and present you with a certificate, a unique official End-to-End number and a badge!

We’ve issued over 4,000 official End-to-End numbers in our 50+ year history. Each year the names of those who have reported End-to-End completions in the previous 12 months are published in the spring issue of Bruce Trail Conservancy Magazine.

To be recognized as an official End-to-Ender with the Bruce Trail Conservancy, we ask you to:

– Send us your hiking logs*

– Provide us with the date you completed your End-to-End

– Be a BTC member at the time you complete your End-to-End

– Send us $15 to cover the costs of your badge, certificate, and processing your End-to-End.

*The hiking logs can be as simple as a list of the dates of your hikes and where you started and ended each day. It might be worth having a separate page for each club section (especially as these will help you request Club Badges from the individual Bruce Trail Clubs).

Payment and logs can be sent to our mailing address at P.O. Box 857, Hamilton, ON L8N 3N9

Or to

Please note:
We operate on the honour system. We give equal recognition to all End-to-End hikers regardless of sequence, direction, speed, or whether the End-to-End was completed as a thru-hike or in sections. The BTC does not maintain records of End-to-End completion time or of End-to-Enders gender, age or other characteristics.

Badges Just For Kids!

Some of our Bruce Trail Clubs have designed special badges just for junior hikers. Visit the links below for more details on how your your nature enthusiast can earn them:

Young Trail Blazers and Young Nature Blazers Badges (from the Niagara Bruce Trail Club)

Junior Hiker Badges – one for each season (from the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club)

Youth Badge (from the Toronto Bruce Trail Club)

Nature Hunter Badge (from the Caledon Hills Club)

Young Hiker Badge and Explorer’s and Adventurer’s Badges (from the Dufferin Hi-Land Club)

Bruce Trail Junior Birder (from the Peninsula Bruce Trail Club)

Bear Cub Badge (from the Peninsula Club)

Backpack with Badges

Other badges

The black and white Bruce Trail Conservancy Membership Badge is given to all new members.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy Volunteer Badge is given to all new volunteers.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy Pride Badge features the rainbow flag and was created to foster an inclusive space outdoors. The badge is available for free at events, from our Trail Ambassadors, or via our online form.

All members of the Youth Council receive a Bruce Trail Conservancy Youth Council Member badge.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy currently has 9 Friendship Trails. In each case, a route on the Bruce Trail (main and side trails) and a corresponding route on the international trail have been designated as a Friendship Trail, displaying special signs to mark the partnership. To receive an International Friendship Trail Badge, a hiker has to hike the Friendship Trail section of the Bruce Trail as well as the corresponding trail abroad.

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