Executive Office

Chief Executive Officer (Interim): Leah Myers - lmyers@brucetrail.org

Executive Assistant: Allison Wright - awright@brucetrail.org


Communications and Fund Development

Director of Communications & Fund Development: Marsha Russell - mrussell@brucetrail.org

Director of Fundraising: Jan Graves - jgraves@brucetrail.org

Outreach & Engagement Specialist: Laura Tuohy - ltuohy@brucetrail.org

Database Administrator: Claire Davidson - cdavidson@brucetrail.org


Land Acquisitions and Management

Director of Land Acquisition & Management: Antoin Diamond - adiamond@brucetrail.org

Manager of Cartographic Services: Scott Langley - slangley@brucetrail.org

Land Stewardship Coordinator & Ecologist: Adam Brylowski - abrylowski@brucetrail.org

Land Stewardship Coordinator & Ecologist: Brian Popelier - bpopelier@brucetrail.org

Land Acquisition Planner: Joel Swagerman - jswagerman@brucetrail.org



Director of Finance: Kevin Durfy - kdurfy@brucetrail.org

General Accountant: Donna Miljic - dmiljic@brucetrail.org


Organizational Resources

Director of Organizational Resources: Jackie Randle - jrandle@brucetrail.org

Membership Administrator: Meghan Croll - mcroll@brucetrail.org
Lyndsey Wilkerson - (on leave)

Online Engagement Administrator: Ryan Mickeloff - rmickeloff@brucetrail.org

Office Administrator: Brooke Henry - bhenry@brucetrail.org

Office Administrator: Pat Stainton - pstainton@brucetrail.org