Bruce Trail Conservancy
2030 Strategy

The Bruce Trail Conservancy has created an ambitious plan for conservation and connection to nature.

With today’s challenges it is clear that the work of the Bruce Trail Conservancy has never been so important. That’s why, to address these challenges, the Bruce Trail Conservancy has developed the 2030 Strategy. This plan brings more urgency to our work, increases the scale of our conservation activities, and brings the human connection to nature to the forefront.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy’s mission, vision and values remain the same but this new strategy strengthens the organization’s relevance and ambition and will significantly advance the mission to preserve a ribbon of wilderness, for everyone, forever.

The 2030 Strategy is centred on five strategic and interconnected goals:
  • Urgently protect land
  • Restore and care for Niagara Escarpment land
  • Enhance the Bruce Trail experience
  • Inspire generosity
  • Support people and culture

“This bold strategy will enable the Bruce Trail Conservancy to be a global leader in conservation, the steward of a world-class trail system, and a people-powered organization filled with diverse individuals who share their talents and generosity to make it all happen.”

Michael McDonald, CEO

Emphasizing both people and place, the 2030 Strategy encompasses the work the Bruce Trail Conservancy does as a leading Canadian land trust, a conservation organization, and stewards of Canada’s oldest and longest footpath.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy’s 2030 Strategy reflects a renewed commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community, and deepening connections to nature. It recognizes the importance of welcoming Indigenous voices and knowledge into our work. It ensures we remain accountable to our members, donors, volunteers, and above all, the Niagara Escarpment.

As the Bruce Trail Conservancy takes these bold steps, we will share our progress and celebrate the wins along the way. With our new strategic guidebook in hand, the Bruce Trail Conservancy is ready to embark on the path ahead.

Our Mission

Preserving a ribbon of wilderness, for everyone, forever.

Our Vision

The Bruce Trail secured within a permanently protected natural corridor along the Niagara Escarpment.

Our Values

Commitment | Integrity | Stewardship | Collaboration | Respect

Our Strategic Goals

Urgently Protect Land

Permanently protect lands and enhance our conservation corridor containing the Bruce Trail along the Niagara Escarpment to conserve ecosystems for future generations

Strategic Priorities:

  • Urgently secure land within our conservation corridor
  • Accelerate actions to protect ecosystems and to help mitigate the challenges of climate change
  • Advocate for stronger land use policies and incentives to deliver on government commitments to protecting land and securing permanence for the Bruce Trail
  • Practice Indigenous reconciliation through conservation by protecting Niagara Escarpment ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Collaborate with landowners, conservation organizations and other partner agencies to secure Escarpment lands

Restore and Care for Niagara Escarpment Lands

Steward and restore significant ecosystems to optimum ecological health

Strategic Priorities:

  • Employ nature-based solutions to restore and enhance the biodiversity of the Niagara Escarpment
  • Protect species at risk along the BTC conservation corridor
  • Mitigate the impact of invasive species along the BTC conservation corridor
  • Embrace Indigenous knowledge and conservation best practices in stewarding the Niagara Escarpment lands
  • Collaborate with relevant sectors to advance ecological research

Enhance the Bruce Trail Experience

Actively invest in infrastructure that promotes the Bruce Trail as an invitation into nature

Strategic Priorities:

  • Ensure the Bruce Trail meets world class sustainable trail design and maintenance standards
  • Increase awareness of how to navigate the Bruce Trail and reduce environmental impact while enjoying the trails
  • Deliver a plan that allows people to thru-hike the entire Bruce Trail more easily
  • Optimize parking and trail infrastructure along the Bruce Trail through investments on BTC-owned or managed lands, in collaboration with our partners
  • Maximize technology and innovation to reach out to and service new and existing audiences

Inspire Generosity

Nurture and grow our culture of giving to ensure the BTC is resourced to preserve and conserve the Bruce Trail conservation corridor

Strategic Priorities:

  • Fund ambitious and measurable conservation progress
  • Share our collective impact to encourage meaningful and inclusive connections to the BTC
  • Thank our supporters by delivering meaningful experiences and service excellence
  • Innovate to grow all sources of revenues
  • Steward all funds transparently and to the highest standards

Support People and Culture

Demonstrate our commitment to building an inclusive, diverse and welcoming community that celebrates and protects the Niagara Escarpment

Strategic Priorities:

  • Work inclusively with the Bruce Trail Clubs to deliver the strategic priorities and initiatives
  • Nurture and strengthen relationships with BTC landowners to ensure a resilient Trail and protected conservation corridor
  • Engage members and create new ways for people to interact with the BTC that will reach diverse audiences
  • Strengthen and deliver an excellent volunteer experience and make volunteering accessible and enjoyable for all
  • Empower staff to achieve their potential within the organization

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