Ticks and the Bruce Trail

Ticks on the trail

Ticks and the Bruce Trail  Lyme Disease is an infection caused by bacteria spread through the bite of Blacklegged ticks. Blacklegged ticks (Ioxdes scapularis; aka Deer Ticks) are found along the Bruce Trail and learning to identify and deal with…

Hiking In The Summer

Hiking In The Summer

Hiking In The Summer Hiking the Bruce Trail in the summer can be a glorious experience but it also comes with its own set of challenges. When heading out to the trails, consider the following. Sunburns Can occur rapidly and…

Share Responsibly on Social Media

Social Media Logos

Share Responsibly on Social Media Tips for Responsible Social Sharing of your Bruce Trail Adventures Social media can expose thousands of people to beautiful natural environments in an instant. If you share your Bruce Trail photos or videos on social…

Dogs On The Trail

Hiking with your dog can be a wonderful way to explore the outdoors. As a pet owner and trail user, you a have a few extra responsibilities to the Bruce Trail, its environment and fellow users.

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