Map 14 – Caledon Hills – Cheltenham Badlands

Date Effective: Sep. 24, 2018 | Map 14, Edition 29
Map 14 - Caledon Hills - Cheltenham Badlands

The Bruce Trail through the Cheltenham Badlands has taken on a new configuration as per the map above.

The parking area and Badlands Trail are maintained by Credit Valley Conservation and provide access to a wheelchair accessible platform which offers views of this significant landmark. A 230 m roadside walkway leads from the viewing platform to the parking area. A flat rate parking fee of $10 is charged.

Roadside parking is available on the east side of Creditview Rd, near the Trail access into the Badlands. Parking is limited to three cars.

Main Trail through Cheltenham Badlands = 1.4 km
Badlands Trail = 300 metres
Roadside Walkway = 230 metres




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