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Balsam Wetlands & Eugenia Woods

Thank you to everyone who gave generously in support the creation of these two new nature reserves.

Learn more about: Balsam Wetlands | Eugenia Woods

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Balsam Wetlands Nature Reserve

Blue Mountains section (Map 22)
284 acres | 4 km of Bruce Trail Optimum Route

Just 17 km south of Collingwood, Balsam Wetlands Nature Reserve features an expansive coniferous swamp dominated by Balsam Fir and White Cedar. This treed wetland provides important habitat for water-loving plant species, birds like Northern Waterthrush and Canada Warbler, minks, snakes and a variety of amphibians.

Rare species on the property include Black Ash (Threatened in Canada) and a healthy population of Hart’s-tongue Fern (Special Concern in Ontario).

The Bruce Trail, once carefully routed on Balsam Wetlands Nature Reserve, will provide year-round access to this unique landscape and create a safer experience by taking the Trail off a busy road.


Eugenia Woods Nature Reserve

Beaver Valley section (Map 26)
20 acres | 650 m of Bruce Trail Optimum Route

Nestled along the Escarpment ridge near Eugenia Falls, Eugenia Woods Nature Reserve features untouched Sugar Maples that reach soaring heights. Not only do these iconic trees grace the Bruce Trail with their beauty, they also purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent soil erosion, and reduce the effects of extreme weather.

Protecting the towering forests on the Eugenia Woods Nature Reserve will have a resonating impact beyond the property’s boundaries. Combined with other protected natural spaces, this acquisition safeguards an 18 km corridor of natural landscape stretching along the slopes of the Beaver Valley.


Thank you for making Eugenia Woods and Balsam Wetlands Nature Reserves a reality. Together we are preserving a ribbon of wilderness, for everyone, forever.