On-Trail Recognition

Two custom-designed donor recognition displays were installed on Bruce Trail Conservancy Nature Reserves this summer, honouring and celebrating donors’ generous contributions to our conservation success.

The displays are part of an exciting new centralized approach to on-Trail donor recognition, replacing individual plaques on the Bruce Trail while creating unique areas to recognize and reflect. The new displays can be found at two locations:

• McNally Nature Reserve in Waterdown (Iroquoia section)
• Lindenwood Nature Reserve in Georgian Bluffs (Sydenham section)

Each display features curved walls and a central arch designed to draw people in and create a gathering space. Brilliant and joyful maple and oak leaves cascade across the walls capturing the graduating tones of turning leaves through the seasons. These leaves also serve as name plates, recognizing donors who have made significant contributions to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Cutouts along the walls evoke the shape of the Niagara Escarpment and allow glimpses of the surrounding forest to shine through. Around the display, a simple seating area will enhance the space and encourage people to pause and reflect on the beautiful Escarpment surroundings. A lovely bench is already in place at Lindenwood Nature Reserve thanks to volunteer, Bob Knapp. Volunteers in the Iroquoia Club will be installing one at McNally Nature Reserve soon.

In developing these new displays, the Bruce Trail Conservancy also took the
opportunity to review the giving categories at which on-Trail recognition has been offered since the mid-90s. Beginning this year, individuals who have reached cumulative giving levels of $25,000 and $50,000 (either through lifetime and/or legacy giving) will have the option of having their generosity
recognized and celebrated on the display of their choice.

If you have questions about these new displays or any aspect of our donor recognition program, please contact Gloria Vidovich, Planned Giving and Donor Relations Officer at gvidovich@brucetrail.org or 1-800-665-4453 ext. 248.

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