Map 38 – Peninsula – Barrow Bay Cliffs

Date Effective: Jul. 12, 2019 | Map 38, Edition 29
Map 38 - Peninsula - Barrow Bay Cliffs

A new trail network has been established on the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s newly acquired Barrow Bay Cliffs Nature Reserve, including a new side trail named in honour of former BTC CEO Beth Gilhespy.

While the new main Trail displayed on the map above dead ends on the far east side, it is blazed white and connects to the Beth Gilhespy Side Trail (blazed blue). Further to the west, the new main Trail connects with the John Appleton Side Trail offering various loop options.

New main Trail = 2.5 km
John Appleton Side Trail = 1.4 km
Beth Gilhespy Side Trail = 3.4 km

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