Map 26 – Beaver Valley – Hogg’s Falls

Date Effective: July 19, 2023 | Map 26, Edition 30
Map 26 - Beaver Valley - Hogg's Falls

An impressive new trail configuration has taken place in the Hogg’s Falls area where the Boyne River Crossover Side Trail provides a link between the main Trail on both sides of the Boyne River via an 11 metre long footbridge. This side trail coupled with the main Trail creates a 2.6 km loop from the Hogg’s Falls parking area.

Upper Beaver Valley Side Trail – 1.6 km
Uplands Meadow Side Trail – 650 m
South Boardwalk Side Trail – 80 m
East Back Line Side Trail – 100 m
Boyne River Crossover Side Trail – 180 m

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