Map 25 – Beaver Valley – Fox Ridge Nature Reserve

Date Effective: Aug. 21, 2019 | Map 25, Edition 29
Map 25 - Beaver Valley - Fox Ridge Nature Reserve

In one of the most ambitious Trail Development projects undertaken by the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club in recent years, the main Bruce Trail has been rerouted off Fox Ridge Road. The new route intially flows through private land which leads to the Fox Ridge Nature Reserve (purchased by the Bruce Trail Conservancy in 2018).

Highlights of the new route include:

  • open meadows with apple trees
  • lush valley featuring a lovely stream, old growth Sugar Maples and many large Ironwoods
  • views of Georgian Bay from several spots including an area known as the "Grassy Knoll" (where a bench will be installed in the future)
  • mature Sugar Maple forest along the Escarpment edge

Decommissioned trail (taken off of road) = 1.3 km
New main Trail = 3.1 km

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