Calypso Orchid Environmental Award

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The Calypso Orchid Environmental Award is awarded to an individual, volunteer group, institution or company that has demonstrated a significant contribution to the restoration and preservation of the Bruce Trail or the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, or significantly enhanced the education of users or potential users of the Trail or the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve.

The recipient does not need be a member of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. Exemplary actions by the recipients can have either a direct or indirect effect on the Bruce Trail. Meritorious actions can be a single event or undertaken over several years.


In the spring of 1956, Arthur Storey saw his first Calypso Orchid on a trip to Tobermory. Twenty years later Lloyd Smith commemorated the event by carving a diamond willow walking staff for him, including a likeness of a Calypso Orchid on the handle. In 1997 Arthur donated the walking staff to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, with the wish that an environmental award be established. The Calypso Orchid Environmental Award was established in 2000.

Photo: robertgbrown via iNaturalist

Nomination Information

Submit a nomination form by June 30.

Past Calypso Orchid Award Winners

2000Peninsula Bruce Trail Club
2000Chippewas of Nawash First Nations
2001John Burton
2001Margaret Reed
2003George Francis
2005K. Elizabeth Kümmling
2006Walter M. Tovell
2006Leonard O. Gertler
2007Bruce Krug
2008David Moule
2011Keen Canada
2012Ned Morgan
2013Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids
2014Not Awarded
2015Kevin Warburton
2016The Town of Blue Mountains
2017Anne Clock
2018Bob Hann and Joan Nuffield
2019Laurence Christie
2020Gosling Foundation
2021David Knox
2022Not Awarded
2023Not Awarded

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