International Friendship Trails

International Friendship Trails and the Bruce Trail Conservancy

The Bruce Trail is one of many wonderful footpaths worldwide.

As a founding member of the World Trails Network, the Bruce Trail Conservancy is working with international trail organizations to raise awareness of and support for public footpaths through the creation of Friendship Trails. 

Friendship Trails are similar to twin towns, whereby trail organizations in different countries team up in the name of partnership, mutual publicity and international cooperation. 

The Bruce Trail Conservancy currently has 9 Friendship Trails. In each case, a route on the Bruce Trail (main and side trails) and a corresponding route on the international trail have been designated as a Friendship Trail, displaying special signs to mark the partnership.

Connecting the World of Trails

The Bruce Trail Conservancy is a proud member of the World Trails Network.

The World Trails Network brings trail associations, trail advocates, enthusiasts and professionals together from around the world to foster global collaboration and networking for the betterment of the world’s trails.

Friendship Trail Badge Series

By hiking the Friendship Trail route on the Bruce Trail and on the corresponding twinned portion on the international trail, you can earn badges! Once you have completed both sections, contact the Bruce Trail Conservancy and we will send you the Friendship Trail badge and corresponding trail badge, at no cost.

Rim Of Africa Logo

The Rim of Africa Trail Friendship Trail – Niagara Club

A section of the Bruce Trail in the Niagara Club is twinned with a section of the Rim of Africa Trail. Below is a map of the Rim of Africa Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail. You’ll also find it on our Bruce Trail Reference Map 3.

The Rim of Africa is a unique mountain passage trail and conservation initiative at the southern edge of Africa in the Cape mountains. These mountains form the core of the Cape Floristic Region, the smallest of the six recognised floral kingdoms of the world, an area of extraordinarily high diversity and endemism, and home to more than 9 000 plant species, the greatest non-tropical concentration of higher plant species in the world.

At its core the Rim of Africa initiative offers a hiking experience through a series of linked high mountain traverses, some involve easy path-hiking, while others are off-path and require confident mountain and hiking skills. The entire route is 52 days in duration and can be walked in a variety of ways.

The Rim of Africa mission is to help preserve and protect the natural beauty of these mountains and the important ecosystem functions they offer communities living along the route.

Rim of Africa is a mountain initiative with community, conservation and hiking at its heart.

Rim of Africa Map
rim of africa image 1
rim of africa image 2
rim of africa image 3
Offas Dyke Logo

The Offa’s Dyke Path Friendship Trail – Iroquoia Club

In September 2013, a section of the Bruce Trail at between Waterdown’s Grindstone Creek and Burlington’s City View Park was twinned with the section of the Offa’s Dyke Path from the Welsh town of Knighton (Tref-y-clawdd in Welsh, a town on the dyke) to Ditchyeld Bridge on the Herefordshire/Powys County boundary. Below is a map of the Offa’s Dyke Path Friendship Trail, located in the Iroquoia Club section.

You’ll also find it on our Bruce Trail Reference Map 9

The Offa’s Dyke Path was opened in the summer of 1971, linking Sedbury Cliffs near Chepstow on the banks of the Severn estuary with the coastal town of Prestatyn on the shores of the Irish sea.

It is named after, and often follows, the spectacular Dyke which King Offa ordered to be constructed in the 8th century, probably to divide his Kingdom of Mercia from rival kingdoms in what is now Wales. 

In its 177 miles / 285 kilometres it passes through no less than eight different counties and crosses the border between England and Wales over 20 times. The Trail explores the tranquil Marches (as the border region is known) and passes through the Brecon Beacons National Park on the spectacular Hatterall Ridge. In addition it links no less than three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – the Wye Valley, the Shropshire Hills and the Clwydian Hills.

Click on the following links for Map 1, Map 2 and Map 3 showing the Friendship Trail route on the Offa’s Dyke Path

Offa’s Dyke Path FT Map 1 (.pdf, 586.9 KB)
Offa’s Dyke Path FT Map 2 (.pdf, 562.4 KB)
Offa’s Dyke Path FT Map 3 (.pdf, 544.8 KB)

Offas Dyke Map
Offas Dyke Image 1
Kythera Logo

Kythera Hiking Friendship Trail – Toronto Club

Kythera Image 1

In May 2017, a section of the Bruce Trail in the Toronto Club was twinned with Kythera Hiking in Greece. Below is a map of the  Kythera Hiking Friendship Trail located in the Toronto Club.

You’ll also find it on our Bruce Trail Reference Map 11 and Map 12.

Kythera lies between Greece and Crete, and is an island jewel in the Greek seas. A rough diamond spared from mass tourism, Kythera’s rugged terrain boasts immense ecological diversity. There is no better way to explore Kythera than by walking. Kythera Hiking is currently comprised of twelve hiking routes that guide visitors through age-old paths, scenic spots, waterfalls, ravines, medieval villages and secluded shores.

Kythera map
Kythera image 2
kythera image 4
Kythera Image 3
JeJu Olle logo

The Jeju Olle Friendship Trail – Caledon Hills Club

In September 2011, a section of the Bruce Trail in the Hockley Valley was twinned with Route 2 on the Jeju Olle. Below is a map of the Jeju Olle Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail, located in the Caledon Hills Club, Map 18.

The Jeju Olle walking trail is located on the beautiful island of Jeju, South Korea. Jeju Island is located 130 kilometers south of the Korean Peninsula. It is a large volcanic island, almost sub-tropical in climate, with incredible scenery from the coastline through orange groves crisscrossed by distinctive stone walls and up to the peak of an inactive volcano. The Jeju Olle is the most popular walking trail in Korea, and provides over 200km of pathways, and plans are underway to extend the trail to encircle the entire island in the coming years.

JeJu Olle Map
JeJu Olle image 1
JeJu Olle image 2
JeJu Olle image 5
JeJu Olle image 3
Bibbulmun logo

Bibbulmun Track Friendship Trail – Dufferin Hi-Land

In May 2016, a section of the Bruce Trail in the Dufferin Hi-Land was twinned with the Bibbulmun Track in Australia. Below is a map of the Bibbulmun Track Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail.

You’ll also find it on our Bruce Trail Reference Map 20.

The Bibbulmun Track opened its section of our Friendship Trail, from Balingup to Donnelly River Village, on November 1, 2015. If you are interested in more information or trip planning, please follow this link or or

The Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia stretches 1000 kilometres from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to the historic town of Albany on the south coast.

From karri forest to coastal heathlands the Track traverses some of the most beautiful and wild areas of the south west of Australia which is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

Passing through nine rural towns and many popular scenic spots, walkers can enjoy day walks and the hospitality of local accommodation or embark on a six to eight week hike from end-to-end 

The Track is for walkers only with 49 campsites spaced a day’s walk apart. Each campsite has a three-sided timber shelter, dunny (toilet), rainwater tank, picnic tables and tent sites.

Bibbulmun map
Bibbulmun Image 5
Bibbulmun Image 1
Bibbulmun Image 2
Bibbulmun Image 2
Bibbulmun Image 4
Transcarioca logo

Transcarioca Trail Friendship Trail – Blue Mountains Club

In October 2016, a section of the Bruce Trail in the Blue Mountains Club was twinned with the Transcarioca Trail in Brazil. Below is a map of the Transcarioca Trail Friendship Trail located in the Blue Mountains Club – Map 22

The 180 km Transcarioca Trail crosses Rio de Janeiro from Barra de Guaratiba to Morro da Urca, at the foot of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. The Transcarioca Trail strengthens the conservation and restoration of green corridors linking the main areas of Atlantic Forest in Rio de Janeiro. The trail offers hikers opportunities to enjoy little-known natural attractions and uncover wonderful views over Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of volunteers believe and support the realization of this great project.

Transcarioca Map
Transcarioca Image 2
Transcarioca Image 3
Transcarioca Image 1
Transcarioca Image 4
Pacific Slope logo

The Pacific Slope (Sendero Pacifico) Friendship Trail – Beaver Valley Club

In June 2015, a section of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley is twinned with a piece of the Pacific Slope Trail in Costa Rica. The Pacific Slope Trail (Sendero Pacífico) Friendship Trail follows the Bruce Trail between Hoggs Falls (km 63.3, Map 26) to the BTC’s parking lot at km 70.1 (Map 26) taking in a portion of 

the Beaver Valley’s beautiful Falling Waters landscape. Below is a map of the Pacific Slope Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail.

The Pacific Slope Trail (Sendero Pacífico) section twinned with the Bruce Trail begins at San Luis in the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest conservation region, and the new Friendship Trail will lead into the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest by agreement with the Monteverde Conservation League.

The Pacific Slope Trail Network is a vision shared by an informal association of individuals, community groups, and some organizations who wish to link forests and rural communities along Costa Rica’s Pacific Slope via a freely accessible trail system.

Like the BTC, the Sendero Pacifico depends heavily on the participation and energy of many self-organized volunteers. The trail encompasses a network of trail systems, huts, conservation properties, ecological agriculture initiatives, alternative energy and wastewater treatment and water conservation projects.

Pacific slope map
Pacific slope image 2
Pacific slope image 3
Pacific slope image 1
Lebanon mountain logo

The Lebanon Mountain Trail Friendship Trail – Sydenham Club

The Lebanon Mountain Trail Friendship Trail – Sydenham Club

In September 2012, a section of the Bruce Trail at the Bayview Escarpment Nature Reserve was twinned with section 5 of the Lebanon Mountain Trail. Below is a map of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail, located in the Sydenham Club, Map 30.

The Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. The LMT is 470 km (293 miles) in length and showcases the natural beauty and cultural wealth found among Lebanon’s mountains. It is home to 3 protected areas, 2 biosphere reserves and 1 World Heritage Site. The mandate of the LMT Association is to protect and promote the LMT for future generations.

Lebanon Mountain map
Lebanon Mountain image 3
Lebanon Mountain image 1
Lebanon Mountail Trail photo 2
Cotswold Way logo

The Cotswold Way Friendship Trail – Peninsula Club

In September 2012, a section of the Bruce Trail at the Lion’s Head Nature Reserve was twinned with a section of the Cotswold Way, located in England. Below is a map of the Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail located in the Peninsula Club, Map 38

The Cotswold Way is a 102 mile National Trail in the west of England stretching between the beautiful market town of Chipping Campden in the north and the World Heritage Site of Bath in the south. This iconic walk leads you along the Cotswold Escarpment, giving you a taste of all that makes this area special. From stunning bluebell woods to open grassland with breathtaking views, through sleepy villages to thriving market towns, the Cotswold Way touches on unique variety of experience and earns its reputation of one of the world’s finest walks.

Click on the following link for the Cotswold Way Friendship Trail map in England.

Map of the Bruce Trail Cotswold Way Friendship Trail at Lion's Head
cotswold way trail photo
Cotswold Way image 4
Cotswold Way map

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