Edition 31 of
The Bruce Trail Reference

Pre-order your physical copy of the iconic guidebook or purchase a PDF download today!

It’s almost here! The Bruce Trail Reference Maps and Trail Guide, Edition 31 is due in house in the coming weeks. Today, there are two ways you can get the maps.

Pre-order a physical copy of The Bruce Trail Reference, Edition 31

When you pre-order your copy of the Reference Guide, you can guarantee a copy will be sent to you in the mail within days of them being delivered to the Bruce Trail Conservancy Store.

The physical copy of the Reference Guide includes:

– All 42 detailed maps of the Bruce Trail
– A handy six ring binder that allows you to take a map with you without weighing you down
– Convenient dividers that help keep your maps organized by section
– A plastic sleeve to protect your map when you take a map with you on the Trail
– Information about the Bruce Trail’s history, ecology, geology and more!

Full Guide $44.95 ($37.95 member price)

Insert Only (guide without binder) $34.95 ($27.95 member price)

Download the PDF version of individual Edition 31 maps or the entire Reference Guide

The PDF downloadable maps are now available for download. The maps are identical to the content found in the Reference Guide. You can choose to download an individual map if you are only visiting a specific section of Trail, or you can download the entire set of 42. Once ordered, a unique link is sent by email to the purchaser. The maps can be downloaded to a computer or phone and are great for planning a visit to the Bruce Trail.

Individual Maps $5.00 ($3.00 member price)

Full Set of 42 maps $34.95 ($27.95 member price)

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