Conservation success in the Sydenham section

Three New Nature Reserves in the Sydenham Section are now protected!

Thanks to the support of over 1,750 donors, 243 acres of natural land and close to 2 km of Bruce Trail in the Sydenham section are now protected forever.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy has conserved and will care for these natural lands, which showcase some of the Niagara Escarpment’s unique and remarkable natural ecosystems in perpetuity.

Thank you to our generous donors for taking action and making a lasting impact by protecting nature along the Niagara Escarpment.

Mossy Gorge Nature Reserve
50 acres | 408 m of Bruce Trail

A picturesque natural sanctuary, the Mossy Gorge Nature Reserve is almost entirely forested, featuring significant interior hardwood forest and a re-naturalizing Pine plantation. Located near Walter’s Falls, these large forested areas are extremely important as they provide habitat for a variety of species and create a local wildlife refuge.

Amid the forest, you can find a large ravine, remnants of an old valley stream containing velvety moss-covered rocks.

Species of special concern identified on the property include:

  • Woodthrush
  • Eastern Wood-Pewee
  • American Hart’s-tongue Fern
  • Butternut
Cattail Marsh Nature Reserve
153 acres | 820 m of Bruce Trail

This large nature reserve is adjacent to the Bayview Bluffs, Bayview Forest East and West, and Overton nature reserves and contains:

  • 14 acres of wetlands consisting of a large Cattail Swamp and Meadowmarsh
  • A fantastic and sizable (105 acre) Sugar Maple and dense Cedar forest 

The wetlands and forests provide valuable habitat to birds, amphibians and mammals alike.

The property lies within the Bayview Escarpment provincially significant Life Science ANSI creating a vast 35 km woodland corridor extending from Chatsworth to Cape Rich, and forming a natural area of more than 100 square km on the Spey, Sydenham and Bighead River watersheds.

Woodford Karst Nature Reserve
40 acres | 696 m of Bruce Trail

The Woodford Karst Nature Reserve lies adjacent to the BTC’s Crevice Springs property and showcases a mix of vital and valuable ecosystems including:

  • A large Sugar Maple forest
  • Three acres of coniferous forest along the Escarpment
  • Deciduous Forest
  • Maple Swamp, White Cedar Swamp and Meadowmarsh

The nature reserve also features an impressive Escarpment crevice system as well as iconic talus and cliffs along the rocky outcrops. These provide important habitat for many species including bats and snakes.

Along with neighbouring protected natural lands, the property creates a 14 km woodland, Escarpment and wetland corridor within the Bognor Marsh and Escarpment Life Science ANSI.

Thanks to the generosity of BTC donors, three new nature reserves in the Sydenham section have been added to our growing conservation corridor.

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