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MapleCross Nature Reserve at Cape Chin

Welcome to Cape Chin

This nature reserve was made possible with funds from MapleCross and a community of over 1,500 generous individual donors in 2020-2021.

Peninsula section (Map 39)
523 acres | 1.8 km of Bruce Trail Optimum Route

MapleCross Nature Reserve at Cape Chin is one of the most spectacular properties we’ve ever had the chance to preserve.

With 523 acres of iconic Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula landscape, a breathtaking 270-degree view of Georgian Bay, and 1.8 kilometers of the Bruce Trail’s Optimum Route, this is a natural masterpiece and a true conservation gem. It also represents the largest solo acquisition of land in Bruce Trail Conservancy history.

In creating this nature reserve we are:

  • Protecting one of the last remaining large tracts of land on the Saugeen (Bruce) Peninsula and avoiding the fragmentation of critical forest and wetland habitats.
  • Saving critical natural spaces for Species at Risk.
  • Restoring overgrazed pasture lands, monitor wetlands, and remove invasive species.
  • Re-routing the Bruce Trail to lay lightly on this land, offering a fantastic hiking experience for generations to come.

MapleCross Nature Reserve at Cape Chin:

This map shows the June 2021 reroute of the Bruce Trail through the property and the newly created Cape Chin Meadows Side Trail.

Stewarding and Restoring Cape Chin

Maintaining the ecological health of this nature reserve will require careful stewarding and in some cases, active restoration. Plans are in place for:

  • Extensive native tree plantings to increase interior forest habitat for wildlife.
  • Rehabilitation of pasture lands with local native wildflower and grass species to increase habitat for pollinators and grass-nesting birds.
  • Species at Risk inventory.
  • Wetland monitoring, with specific attention to turtle populations.
  • Removal and control of invasive species.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy has long recognized the incredible ecological value and recreational potential of Cape Chin. When the property became available on the open market, the need to preserve and protect these irreplaceable natural lands was urgent. The Bruce Trail Conservancy moved quickly to acquire the land so that this opportunity for conservation and environmentally responsible public access would not be lost.