Map 26 – Beaver Valley – Old Baldy, Kimberley Village

Date Effective: Sep. 14, 2017 | Map 26, Edition 29
Map 26 - Beaver Valley - Old Baldy, Kimberley Village

By request of the landowner, 660 metres of the main Bruce Trail has been discontinued through the Old Baldy Access Rd right-of-way between Sideroad 7B and the Mac Kirk Side Trail. The new main Bruce Trail provides an alternate route around the discontinued Trail section. 

This new trail configuration has transformed the Mac Kirk Side Trail into a loop trail passing two scenic viewpoints overlooking the Beaver Valley and the village of Kimberley.

Off road parking on east side of County Rd 13 will accommodate 3 cars. Roadside parking on the shoulder will accommodate more.

Discontinued trail = 660 metres
New main Trail = 4.4 km
Mac Kirk Side Trail = 2.2 km return trip

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