Our Donors

Nicole and Michael Martin

"The BTC is more than just a hiking trail for us. It’s about all the land around the Trail and the protection of the Niagara Escarpment."

Norm Wingrove

"I decided to include a gift in my will to the Bruce Trail Conservancy because it’s doing such important work to help protect and preserve the Niagara Escarpment. With all the development pressures and building going on throughout southern Ontario, I feel securing land permanently for conservation is more important than ever. The Bruce Trail has also brought me so much joy over the years, nurturing my love for nature and adventure. It’s something I would like future generations to experience."

Diana Laubitz

"Over time, we saw how the Escarpment was being encroached from all sides, and we felt that there was a strong need to support it, so that at least some parts of it would remain wild."

Bob Ewen

"I remember feeling helpless and thinking how great it would be if the Bruce Trail Conservancy could secure 100% of the Trail. Being a student at the time, I decided that when I was in a position to do more, I would."

Rosemary Petrie

"The Bruce Trail allowed me to discover the beauty of southern Ontario, and develop new friendships with people who shared my passion for hiking and the outdoors."

Deanna House

Deanna House
"Preserving a precious piece of Ontario for generations to come, and giving others the ability to enjoy what I have in my lifetime, is the legacy I want to leave behind."

Stewart Fleming

Stewart Fleming
"By supporting the Bruce Trail Conservancy in this way, it is a gift of magical moments to those who will enjoy the Bruce Trail in the future as we do today."

Wendy & Ray Miske

Wendy & Raye Miske
"We see the value in preserving the Trail permanently for many reasons: the experience of enjoying nature with friends and family, the importance of preserving local habitats, and the need to support a healthy climate."

Gerda & Rudi Tismer

Gerda & Rudi Tismer
"Gerda and Rudi Tismer were married in Germany in 1950. It was the beginning of a long love story that ended up with a real affection for the Bruce Trail."

Paul & Pat Beneteau

Paul & Pat Beneteau
"It feels good knowing we are helping to preserve this ribbon of wilderness, forever. There is nothing else like the Bruce Trail in Ontario, and very few trails like it in Canada. If we don’t take steps now to secure these precious places, we won’t have them in future."

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