Bruce Trail App Update

November 2022

An update of the Bruce Trail App is now available on the App Store or Google Play.

With a new editing feature, GPS coordinate search capability, and other improvements, you’ll have more helpful tools to plan and track your next Bruce Trail adventure.

New Features
  • Edit the title or notes of a saved pin, route or hike.
  • Search using GPS coordinates and save the result as a pin. 
  • Added “Download Map Updates” button to BTC Map downloads area when new maps are available. 
  • Increased accuracy of location and elevation when tracking.
  • Updated side trail display.
  • Added new category in Report Trail Issue function.
  • Addressed issue where back button caused app to freeze.
  • Adjusted display of Trail Notices.

We continue to make updates and improvements to the features and functionality of the app based on user experiences and needs.
The Bruce Trail Conservancy would like to thank everyone who has downloaded the Bruce Trail App and provided constructive feedback. 

Do you have ideas for a future update? Send them to us at

See previous updates: September 1, 2022

Trail Updates, Map Updates and App Updates:
What’s the Difference?

Trail Updates
What to they include?How are Trail Updates made?
Route changes, closures, new trails, special notices, or changes to parking, camping etc.Automatically. Each time you open the Bruce Trail App and are connected to the internet, it updates your device with any trail changes.
Map Updates
What do they include?How are Map Updates made?
Changes to the optional background layer in the app called BTC Maps. BTC Maps provide a detailed topographic background, especially useful when using the app offline. Map changes are not frequent and may include changes to roads, place names, or design elements.

Trail changes are not part of Map Updates.
Manually. You’ll need to check your “BTC Maps (for offline use)” area. If any maps have changed, you’ll see a “Download Map Updates” button near the top, and an “Update Available” under the title of any map that has changed.
App Updates
What do they include?How are App Updates made?
New version of the app to address bugs, improve functions or add new app features.Automatically or Manually. If you don’t have automatic updates set on your device, you may need to manually update the app when a new version comes out.

App Map Updates

How to Update Your App

If you have downloaded the current Bruce Trail App and have automatic updates set for all your apps, you don’t need to do anything to get the latest version.

If you don’t have automatic updates set, you can manually update your app.

For instructions on how to update:

Android devices:

Apple devices:

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