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Map 25 - Beaver Valley - Old Mail Rd

2 2012   old mail rd   beaver final map25

Map 25, Edition 26
Oct. 15 2011

Beaver Valley
Map #25 - Old Mail Road

The Old Mail Road was a pioneer route into this area and was in use from the 1830s until the 1850s. It preceded the grid plan system of roads which developed after the survey and as the townships were settled. Small parts of it still exist.

Just recently a Beaver Valley Trail Captains (TC) met up with one of the landowners on his section and the landowner informed our TC that a section of the Old Mail Road still existed in his woodlot. He had verified that with conversations with the old timers in his neighbourhood. He also found 1851 & 1871 census maps which show the Old Mail Road meandering through the back of his property. Knowing that, and with the enthusiastic cooperation of the landowners, we recently incorporated this small section of the Old Mail Road into the main Trail.

New route = 285 metres
Abandoned route = 200 metres

Oct 2011