Map 26 - Beaver Valley - Hoggs Falls

  • Date Effective May. 5 2011
  • Edition of Guide Affected 26
  • Map Number 26
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Beaver Valley
Map #26 - Hogg's Falls

The changes at Hogg's Falls simplify somewhat a fairly complex network of trails centered on the falls. The changes also ensure that anyone hiking the main Trail will actually get to Hogg's Falls. The old configuration required the hiker to take a side trail to get there. The two side trails have been retained, and still provide loop hike possibilities from Hogg's Falls or from the parking lot just south of it which is also now on the main Trail.

The map above display's the current trail layout at Hogg's Falls.

Hogg's Falls Upper Side Trail = 1.6 km
Hogg's Falls Lower Side Trail = 630 metres

Effective May 2011