Map 02 - Niagara - Paul Naray Side Trail

  • Date Effective Mar. 29 2011
  • Edition of Guide Affected 26
  • Map Number 2
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Map #2 - Paul Naray Side Trail (East & West)

This change involves no physical change to the Trail, but some re-naming and re-designation of trail sections. The Paul Naray Silurian Trail was previously a complete loop which overlapped the main Trail for a length of 700 metres, resulting in both blue and white blazing on the overlap section.

The section of the side trail that overlapped the main Trail has been eliminated, and the side trail has been divided into two legs, each beginning at the car park.

Paul Naray Side Trail (East) = 300 metres
Paul Naray Side Trail (West) = 620 metres

Mar 2011