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Map 20 - Dufferin - Walkers Woods

Map 20 bist walkerswoods

Map 20, Edition 26
Nov. 25 2010

Map #20 - Walkers Woods

The main Trail has been rerouted off a portion of the 2nd Line East. About 300 metres north of the intersection of 2nd Line E and 8th Sideroad, the main Trail turns right through semi-open land and drops down into the valley of the Boyne River. It heads north and rejoins the existing trail near the southeast corner of the Boyne Valley Springs property.

Part of the former main Trail running north along 2nd Line East has been renamed the 2nd Line ECL Side Trail starting at the end of the road.

The section of former main Trail along the south edge of the Boyne Valley Springs property has been renamed the Oliver Creek Side Trail. The existing trail section running on the unopened road allowance along the west side of the Boyne Valley springs property, previously called 2nd Line ECL Side Trail, has been renamed Oliver Creek Side Trail.

Roadside parking is available on 2nd Line E. Do not block driveways.

New main Trail = 1.3 km
Oliver Creek Side Trail = 1.2 km
2nd Line ECL Side Trail = 150 m
Deleted Trail on Road = 430 m

Nov 2010