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Map 14/15/16 - Caledon Hills - Parking Restrictions in Caledon for Fall

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Map 14, Edition 30
Sep. 25 2020

The Town of Caledon and Region of Peel have instituted parking restrictions on some roads in Caledon during the busy fall colour period.


This affects the following 'recommended parking' shown on BTC maps:

  • NO PARKING during Fall 2020: Map 14, Roadside - km 8.9 on the Forks of the Credit Road between Chisholm and Dominion Streets


Other Areas with No Roadside Parking in Caledon during fall:

(These should not affect any 'recommended parking' on BTC maps, but are included here for hikers information. Expect signs, barricades or temporary stands in these areas.)

Map 14: Near Forks of the Credit Provincial Park and Belfountain Conservation Area

  • Dominion Street* (North of Forks of The Credit Road)
  • River Road* (West of Mississauga Road and East of Shaws Creek Road)
  • Pinnacle Street* (South of Forks of The Credit Road)
  • Credit Street (South of Forks of the Credit Road)
  • Woodland Court** (East of Mississauga Road)
  • Caledon Mountain Drive** (East of Mississauga Road)
  • Creditview Road* (North of Olde Base)

Map 15: Near Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

  • McLaren Road (South and North of Forks of the Credit Park entrance)
  • Puckering Lane* (West of McLaren Road)
  • Cedar Drive ** (Off Forks of Credit Rd, Sligo)

Map 16: Escarpment Side Road

  • Escarpment Side Road*** (100 m east & west of Horseshoe Hill Rd )
  • Horseshoe Hill Road*** (100 m north & south of Escarpment SR)
  • Escarpment Side Road (100 m east of Heart Lake Rd)

* - "Local Traffic Only" signs also installed
** - "Local Traffic Only" signs installed
*** - “No Stopping” signs installed


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