Map 26 - Beaver Valley - BV Ski Club

  • Date Effective Oct. 27 2010
  • Edition of Guide Affected 26
  • Map Number 26
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Beaver Valley
Map #26 - Beaver Valley Ski Club

This reroute on Beaver Valley Ski Club property removes the Trail from the steep climb up the "Boomer" ski run.  Now the Trail turns in off the utility road at the bottom of the "Au Chute" chairlift, enters the bush and climbs through a lovely stand of maple and beech, traversing up the steep ridge until it comes out into the open at the top of the chairlift.  A little way along the top of the ski run it intersects the Valley Crossover Side Trail.

Total Deleted Route = 470 metres
Total New Route = 650 metres
Valley Crossover Side Trail = 2.5 km (a loss of 80 metres)

Oct 2010