Map 18 - Caledon Hills - Seasonal Reroute

  • Date Effective Dec. 1 2018
  • Edition of Guide Affected 29
  • Map Number 18
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Caledon Hills
Map #18 – seasonal reroute

This trail change is in effect seasonally, beginning Dec. 1, and ending April 1.

A portion of the main Trail is closed to hikers and snowshoers, but remains open for the exclusive use of cross-country skiers. This route is denoted as a purple dashed line on the map above.

A 500 metre alternate route has been opened to accommodate hiking and snowshoeing only; skiing is not allowed on this section. 

In addition, a loop trail named Peter’s Path has been created exclusively for snowshoeing, passing through pine and spruce plantations, open grasslands and regenerating fields.

Length of Winter Hiking Route – 0.5 km
Length of Peter’s Path – 1.5 km