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Special Notice - Most of the Bruce Trail is open. Check for closures, stay local and hike responsibly. See COVID-19 Updates & Trail Closures

Map 03 - Niagara - Rockway Side Trail

Map 03 rockwayfalls

Map 3, Edition 28
Aug. 1 2014

Map #3 – Rockway Side Trail

After roughly 4 years of planning, a 32' bridge and a 24' extension to the bridge was built allowing the main Bruce Trail to cross Fifteen Mile Creek within Rockway Conservation Area. This new route winds through the forest by the creek surrounded by steep cliffs just below Rockway Falls.

In addition, a portion of the Rockway Falls Side Trail has been abandoned and the new route has been renamed the Rockway Side Trail. This side trail begins at the Rockway Community Centre parking lot, intersects with the main Bruce Trail and continues north ending at a small waterfall on Fifteen Mile Creek.

This new trail configuration eliminates 1 km of road walking.

New Main Trail = 770 metres
New Side Trail = 970 metres
Total Abandoned Trail = 1.5 km

Aug 2014

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