Map 28 - Beaver Valley - Fairmount Passage

  • Date Effective Jul. 15 2014
  • Edition of Guide Affected 28
  • Map Number 28
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Beaver Valley
Map #28 – Fairmount Passage

This triumphant reroute is a prime example of the BTC's success in achieving its mission of creating a conservation corridor. Thanks to our volunteers, willing landowners who donated or sold their land, and donors who provided the necessary funding, the BTC was recently able to entirely secure this entire corridor between Sideroad 25 and Grey Road 40. The new route contains 2.8 km of Bruce Trail optimum route and passes through four BTC-owned properties.

New Route = 2.8 km
Abandoned Route = 3.8 km
Trail taken off of road = 2.6 km

July 2014