Map 18 - Griffith Ravine & Peter Beecham Side Trail

  • Date Effective Jun. 14 2013
  • Edition of Guide Affected 27
  • Map Number 18
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Caledon Hills
Map #18 - Griffith Ravine & Peter Beecham Side Trail

There has been a reconfiguration of trails just west of 4th Line EHS. The map image above displays the current configuration.

The former main Trail segment has been renamed the Griffith Ravine Side Trail while the former Peter Beecham Side Trail has been converted to main Trail. The western portion of the new main Trail has been slightly rerouted in a few locations to avoid steep slopes and wet areas. The Griffith Ravine Side Trail now forms a 2.7 km loop with main trail.

A short access trail connecting to roadside parking at the curve on 4th Line continues to be called the Peter Beecham Side Trail.

New main Trail = 1.8 km
Griffith Ravine Side Trail = 900 metres
Peter Beecham Side Trail - 25 metres

June 2013