Map 19 - Turnbull Side Trail

  • Date Effective Jun. 1 2013
  • Edition of Guide Affected 27
  • Map Number 19
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Caledon Hills
Map #19 - Turnbull Side Trail

Another new side trail has been opened in the hamlet of Mono Centre. The Turnbull Side Trail branches off from the Laidlaw Side Trail 200 metres east of the community centre parking lot. It heads east along a fenceline, then crosses the fence on a stile and crosses an open ridge to enter a mixed cedar and hardwood bush. Once inside the forest, the trail splits into 2 branches forming a 1.3 km loop, which can be walked in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

The length of the side trail is 1.7 km. Total walking distance to complete the loop and return to the starting point is 2.1 km.

Turnbull Side Trail = 1.7 km

June 2013