Map 18 - Caledon - Peter Beecham Side Trail

  • Date Effective Nov. 12 2012
  • Edition of Guide Affected 27
  • Map Number 18
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Map #18 - Peter Beecham Side Trail

The Peter Beecham Side Trail, which formerly ran along the 4th Line for roughly 600 metres, has been rerouted off the road onto the BTC’s Griffith Ravine property, secured in 2011. The side trail heads south along the slopes of a steep-sided ravine, through a mixed forest of maple, ash, cedar, hemlock and a significant number of endangered butternut trees. After 600 metres, the new trail section meets the old route, and an un-named 25 metre access trail heads out to roadside parking on 4th Line EHS. Together with the main trail, it forms a 2.8 km loop

Peter Beecham Side Trail = 1.9 km

Nov 2012