Map 19 - Dufferin & Caledon - Laidlaw Side Trail

  • Date Effective Oct. 15 2012
  • Edition of Guide Affected 27
  • Map Number 19
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Dufferin Hi-Land & Caledon Hills
Map #19 - Laidlaw Side Trail

A new trail, the Laidlaw Side Trail, has been built around the hamlet of Mono Centre. The trail overlaps the boundary between the Caledon Hills and Dufferin Hi-Lands club sections. Beginning at the main Trail in Dufferin Hi-Lands, it heads south across Mono Centre Road to follow a quiet stream on Town parkland, and passes by the parking lot at the Mono Centre Community Centre. It then crosses the road again and follows an old cart path up the escarpment on an unopened road allowance. At the north edge of the village, the trail passes through the Burns Church Cemetery and rejoins the main Trail. The side trail creates a 1.8 km loop with the main Trail.

Laidlaw Side Trail = 1.4 km

Oct 2012