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Slag: An Ecological Thriller

  • Slag cover
Slag cover

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to the Bruce Trail Conservancy

Author: David Kendall
242 pages
Lazaro Inc., 2015

Inama Meena is a dalit, an untouchable born to be spurned by the rest of Indian society, bound by a belief that he earned this life of lowly drudgery in a previous incarnation. He immigrates to Canada and works as a street cleaner. Can a person so warped of spirit resurrect himself in the "land of the free"? One day, in a Spadina Avenue gutter, his broom unearths a severed finger. It happens outside an up-market Chinese restaurant. So starts Inama's incursion into the dark world of the illegal shark fin trade.   

About the author: David Kendall is a Bruce Trail Conservancy landowner and son of Douglas Kendall, a signatory to the letters patent at the birth of the Bruce Trail in 1967.

Join us for a Book Reading & Interview with David Kendall, January 26, 2019. Details >