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Special Notice - Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See hiking safety tips

Visit these amazing trees along the Bruce Trail. Use your GPS unit, the Google Map, or the directions on the fact sheet to find them. At each tree you'll find a sign with a code word. Record that code word and send it along with the tree name and your name to

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  Common Name Latin Name Fact sheet with directions (.pdf files)
Google Map* Bruce Trail Map* Bruce Trail Section Closest town Tree location: Lat/Long Parking: Lat/Long

ALL TREE SITES Fact Sheet_AllTrees (Large file; 5.9 MB) Google Map for all

1 Black Walnut Juglans nigra Fact Sheet Google Map 5 Niagara Grimsby 43.169837,
43.157888, -79.497415
2 Butternut Juglans cinerea Fact Sheet Google Map 5 Niagara Grimsby 43.193198,
43.194798, -79.598206
3 Basswood Tilia americana Fact Sheet Google Map 9 Iroquoia Waterdown 43.329605,
43.331568, -79.880989
4 Bitternut Hickory Carya cordiformis Fact Sheet Google Map 9 Iroquoia Waterdown 43.332307,
43.330803, -79.88698
5 Red Oak Quercus rubra Fact Sheet Google Map 9 Iroquoia Burlington  43.352431,
43.348464, -79.859053
6 White Oak Quercus alba Fact Sheet Google Map 9 Iroquoia Burlington 43.356135,
43.348464, -79.859053
7 Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Fact Sheet Google Map 12 Toronto Acton
/ Limehouse
43.592859, -79.980456
8 White Pine Pinus strobus Fact Sheet Google Map 12 Toronto Acton
/ Limehouse
43.592859, -79.980456
9 Sugar Maple Acer saccharum Fact Sheet Google Map 18 Caledon
43.993572, -80.014057
10 American Beech Fagus grandifolia Fact Sheet Google Map 20 Dufferin
/Mulmur Hills
 44.148249, -80.118521
11 Trees for the Future
Fact Sheet Google Map 22 Blue Mountains Singhampton  44.32179,
44.31231, -80.193602
12 Mature Forest   Fact Sheet Google Map 26 Beaver Valley Flesherton  44.338528,
44.333807, -80.554916
13 Polish Soldier Tree   Fact Sheet Google Map 31 Sydenham Owen Sound  44.580716,
44.579428, -80.87425
14 Ironwood Ostrya virginiana Fact Sheet Google Map 34 Sydenham Wiarton 44.769574,
44.768971, -80.933679
15 White Ash Fraxinus americana Fact Sheet Google Map 35 Peninsula Wiarton 44.771514,
44.772456, -81.133768
16 White Cedars Thuja occidentalis Fact Sheet Google Map 36 Peninsula Wiarton
/ Lion's Head
44.885596, -81.108105


* A note on Maps:

The Google Maps linked above do not show the Bruce Trail but do give a general idea of where to access the Bruce Trail and roughly where the trees are located. Parking is marked with a blue "P" and the tree site is marked with a green evergreen tree shape.

It's best to use these maps in conjunction with the maps of the Bruce Trail Reference Guide (26th edition). Individual maps from this guide can be downloaded for $3 by clicking on the map numbers in the above table. Or the entire guide can be purchased in hard copy through our online store or at local book or outdoor retailers.

All proceeds from map sales go towards the Bruce Trail Conservancy's mission to establish a Conservation Corridor containing a public footpath along the Niagara Escarpment.


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The Bruce Trail Conservancy gratefully acknowledges the support of Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in support of the BTC's Year of Forests Programs.OPG Biodiversity Logo_sm