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Wonders Untold

Silent Valley is a place of cultural, geological and biological diversity that calls for exploration. For decades the trees on this land were harvested. Now with your help the forest can regenerate and this nature reserve's diverse habitats - ponds, meadows, forest and cliff - can once again thrive.

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Where is Silent Valley?

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Silent Valley is:


What makes Silent Valley special?

Tucked between the gentle slopes of a long-vanished glacial landscape and the soaring cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment is an oasis of peace and tranquillity - Silent Valley. 

The peaceful forests, flower-rich meadows and sparkling wetlands belie its turbulent past, a past that extends 12,000 years to a time of glacial scouring and upheaval, through to the settling by pioneers in the 1800s, and later the industrial harvesting of trees for commercial use.  Evidence of this turbulence is found in the hills of glacial debris, scouring of the Escarpment rock, the ruins of a sturdy homestead with its apple trees and tangled gardens, and the scars of indiscriminate logging.

Now - with the acquisition of this diverse 200 acres by the BTC - the land is once again silent.  The forest, home to the endangered Butternut, is filling in, blurring the scars of the past.  The bright meadow that was cleared for farming and logging is now a place of tranquillity.  And ancient cedars and rare ferns have a safe haven on the Escarpment cliff face.

Species of note at Silent Valley:

Great Anjelica, American Spikenard, Partridgeberry, Black-billed Cuckoo, Porcupine, Hart's Tongue Fern

The Bruce Trail and Silent Valley

Silent Valley is a place of cultural, geological and biological diversity that invites us to explore.  More than 1 kilometre of the Bruce Trail passes through Silent Valley, and Bruce Trail volunteers are working on side trails so that the public can experience the property's treasures in a healthy and sustainable way.