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Maple Ridge Nature Reserve Map

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Maple Ridge Nature Reserve is located just north of the community of Limehouse in the Town of Halton Hills, just south of Acton. It secures 490m of the Bruce Trails Optimum Route, protects wildlife species and their habitat and expands the Bruce Trail's conservation corridor through the local area.

This land contains a house and agricultural land, which will be severed off and sold. The resulting 60 acres of conservation land will be added to the Bruce Trail's conservation corridor.

Maple Ridge is part of the Waterfall Woods Life Science ANSI and the provincially significant Silver Creek Wetland Complex, and is adjacent to the Bruce Trail Conservancy's Springle Property.

Maple Ridge NR_sq

This majestic 200 year old Sugar Maple stands as proud guardian of the forest at Maple Ridge Nature Reserve.

The property combines with the BTC-managed Springle property to the south and large continuous tracts of wooded areas and wetlands in the north to add 60 acres of protected land along the Niagara Escarpment creating a 35 km long naturally vegetated corridor encompassing 75 km2.

The landscape is a relatively flat patchwork of open agricultural fields, treed fencerows, swamp and woodlots, traversed by the Bruce Trail.

Regenerating conifer plantations alongside agricultural land provide cover and a food source for Red and Gray Squirrels, White tailed Deer and over-wintering raptors.

Mature Red Oak forest adjoins Freemans Maple swamp providing habitat for woodland species such as Coopers Hawk and Red Bellied Woodpeckers while the swamp will provide breeding grounds for Northern Waterthrush and several amphibian species including the provincially uncommon Western Chorus Frog (Great Lakes / St. Lawrence - Canadian Shield Population).

Fencerows of large Sugar Maples and other hardwoods running between the agricultural fields allow for animal movement between the larger treed areas. The Ministry of Natural Resources' and Forestry Natural Heritage Information Centre reports the Endangered Butternut having been recorded in the vicinity.