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With your help, we have saved
the magnificent expanse of cliff, forest and shoreline at
Malcolm Bluff Shores.

Malcolm Bluff Shores is more than 1,000 acres of spectacular wild space, located just 20 km east of Wiarton, Ontario. The area contains pristine lakeshore, productive wetlands, towering cliffs and majestic woods with 4 kilometres of Bruce Trail.

Having been designated by the landowners for development and extensive logging, Malcolm Bluff Shores is a masterpiece of nature that needs protection.

Thanks to the support of our many generous donors,

The Bruce Trail Conservancy was able to purchase one of three parcels at Malcolm Bluff Shores on March 31, 2011 -- one of our largest land acquisitions to date. The final parcel of land will be secured, in partnership with Ontario Nature by March 2012.


MBS cliff view MBS Spring Peeper MalcolmBluffShores_BTC Map
How has my donation helped? What can be found
at Malcolm Bluff Shores?
Where is
Malcolm Bluff Shores?


How has my donation helped?

Your donation has helped help us reach the $1 million needed to secure a crucial part of Malcolm Bluff Shores.

The BTC, in partnership with Ontario Nature, has negotiated agreements to purchase all 1,045 acres at Malcolm Bluff Shores in three parcels. The first of the three parcels was preserved in March 2010. Funds for the second "Parcel B" are now in place and the property will be ours March 31, 2011. The final parcel will be secured in March 2012.

The purchase of "Parcel B" means that over 2 km of natural shoreline, cliff and Bruce Trail are now preserved forever. 

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What can be found at Malcolm Bluff Shores?

Malcolm Bluff Shores is a masterpiece of physical and biological diversity.

With over 110 metres of elevation change from the shoreline at Colpoy's Bay to the top of the Escarpment near Purple Valley, 6 distinct geological formations provide the rocky foundation of the property.  Take a quick tour of the life of Malcolm Bluff Shores below:

MBS fossil

 MBS terrace
Fossils from an ancient coral reef lie hidden in the cobbles at the shoreline.
A rocky terrace of dolostone provides the base for wetlands, cedar bush and stands of hardwood trees.
 MBS cliffs  MBS Walking Fern
House-sized boulders litter the base of magnificent white cliffs that rise majestically to the top of the Escarpment. Tucked amongst these moss-covered rocks are sensitive Hart's Tongue Fern, Walking Fern and other lush plant life.
 MBS falcon  MBS bear cub
Scarlet Tanagers, Oven birds, Wood Thrush, Canada Warblers and rare Peregrine Falcons have all been seen on the property. A diverse array of animals, from Black Bears to Spring Peepers, call the property home.

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Where is Malcolm Bluff Shores?

MalcolmBluffShores_BTC Map

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(.pdf, 817.2 KB)

Malcolm Bluff Shores Property is:
  • 1,045 acres on the shores of Colpoy's Bay (on Georgian Bay)
  • 20 km east of Wiarton, Ontario
  • near the small community of Purple Valley
  • in the Peninsula section of Bruce Trail
  • roughly between km 15 and 20 on Map 36 (Bruce Trail Reference Guide, 26th Edition)
Find it on Google Maps Here

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