With your help the Bruce Trail Conservancy has preserved thousands of acres of Escarpment land. But there is still more land at risk.

Two more conservation opportunities are available and we need to act quickly.

Please give today and ensure future generations reap all the benefits of a healthy, vibrant Niagara Escarpment.

An anonymous donor is ready to challenge all of us to make conservation a priority by donating $127,000 in hopes that others will give generously.

Our goal is to raise an additional $127,000 by June 30 to secure these nature reserves, and to support the associated programs to manage these lands and carry out other mission-based programs.

Irish Ridge Nature Reserve banner

Irish Ridge Nature Reserve lies within the Sydenham section of the Bruce Trail, near the Irish Block Settlement area east of Owen Sound. Its mature hardwood forest is home to the endangered Butternut tree and is bisected by several channels of a clear, cold water stream.

Sitting adjacent to two existing Bruce Trail Conservancy nature reserves, Irish Ridge will expand our conservation impact in the area.

Our goal with the Irish Ridge Nature Reserve is to retain 30 acres of sensitive conservation land, and return 120 arable acres to its original agricultural purpose via a future sale. Securing land is the most costly endeavor of the Bruce Trail Conservancy and the sale of the non-conservation farmland will generate funds for future conservation land acquisitions.


Lindsay Nature Reserve banner 

Lindsay Nature Reserve lies further north, in the Peninsula section of the Bruce Trail near Dyer's Bay. Nestled between protected areas to the north and south, this relatively small nature reserve will have a big impact for conservation by preserving wildlife connections.

At 25 acres, the Lindsay Nature Reserve's undisturbed natural setting provides key habitats for many species. Its rocky forest and a thicket swamp offer important breeding habitat for the Blue Winged Warbler, White Throated Sparrow and Eastern Towhee.

The Lindsay Nature Reserve is also prime habitat for the shy Massasauga Rattlesnake, a Species at Risk. The Massasauga is found only in four spots in all of Ontario, one of which is the Bruce Peninsula. You can protect the natural habitat on which this species' survival depends.


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