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Living Link

This reserve links a lush wetland with a magnificent waterfall via a meandering stream. Now that is has been preserved, the BTC will move several kilometres of the Bruce Trail from busy roads to a more natural route, allowing safe passage by Bruce Trail users and indigenous plants and animals.

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Where is Fairmount-Webwood Passage?

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Fairmount-Webwood Passage_Map

Fairmount-Webwood Passage is:

What makes Fairmount-Webwood Passage special?

Beautiful Fairmount-Webwood Passage is a vital ecological link between BTC-owned Fairmount Wetland and Webwood Falls, in the Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail. 

Linking a lively wetland with a magnificent waterfall via a gentle stream, the Joe Pye Weed, Milkweed and other flora of the Passage provide important habitat for butterflies, bees and moths, and Swamp Sparrows.  Deer rest in the long cool grasses beside the stream.  A nesting pair of magnificent Sandhill Cranes make their home on the property, and the adjacent fields of oats and barley provide habitat for birds such as the endangered Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark.  

Species of note at Fairmount-Webwood Passage:

Carolina Spring Beauty, Painted Trillium, Northern Starflower, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Cape May Warbler, Sandhill Crane

The Bruce Trail and Fairmount-Webwood Passage:

Acquisition of the Fairmount-Webwood Passage secures 436 m of Bruce Trail Optimum Route, and more importantly removes several kilometres of the Bruce Trail from busy roads. It allows us to place a new route for the Bruce Trail through three BTC-secured properties, part of a 15 km corridor of which 14.5 km will now be permanently secured.