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Success! 292 acres are now protected!

5 new nature reserves have been secured thanks to an unprecedented outpouring of support from BTC donors.

Thank you to all who contributed.


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50th Anniversary Milestones Project

An ambitious conservation initiative.

Over the next five years the BTC will permanently secure and preserve 5,000 acres of Niagara Escarpment land, provide for their stewardship and rehabilitation, and ensure trails on these lands are of the highest ecological and recreational standard.

In November 2012, we announced the BTC's 50th Anniversary Milestones Project and shared our first goal to secure 292 acres of land before December 31st. 

Amazingly, it took less than 90 days to raise the $1.3 million needed to secure Songbird Nature Reserve, Cedar Springs Woods, Fairmount Wetland, Kimberley Springs and Pinnacle Rock.

The acquisitions were possible due to a wonderful expression of support from a variety of donors, including a land donation by the Peter Richardson Family, $250,000 from the Gosling Foundation, $450,000 from Anonymous donors, $25,000 from KEEN Canada, $10,000 from the Hatch Foundation and personal gifts from more than 1,000 individual donors.

Because of the efforts of all our generous donors, 292 acres of irreplaceable Niagara Escarpment land is permanently preserved for conservation. All the funds raised will be used to add these lands  to the BTC's conservation corridor and support the associated programs to manage these lands and make them available to the public.

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Our 5 Newest Nature Reserves

These beautiful properties highlight the diversity and stunning natural beauty of the Niagara Escarpment. Nature enthusiasts can now explore the secured reserves and be treated to large and lively wetlands, mature forests alive with birdsong, bubbling springs, fern laden woods, and the soaring and iconic Pinnacle Rock.

Songbird Nature Reserve_sq
Songbird Nature Reserve
Caledon, Caledon Hills - 23 acres

A haven for migratory birds,
including the endangered
Hooded Warbler, this forested
corridor is a natural oasis
in an area that is being
developed at a furious pace.
 Cedar Springs Woods_sq Cedar Springs Woods
Burlington, Iroquoia - 10 acres

A critical acquisition, this wedge
of the Escarpment is graced with
two majestic stands of trees that
provide refuge for birds and
other wildlife. The southeast
expanse is an open woodland of
impressive Black Walnut, considerable
stands of which are
uncommon in Southern Ontario.
 Fairmount Wetland_sq Fairmount Wetland
Epping, Beaver Valley - 74 acres

A disappearing entity, this
large and lively wetland
consists of meadow
marsh of reed-canary
grass and cattails. It is
home to the Yellowspotted
Wood and Blanding's turtles
and Spring Peepers.
 Kimberley Springs_sq Kimberley Springs
Kimberley, Beaver Valley - 57 acres

Cascading springs pour into lush,
fern laden wetlands, all coalescing into
energetic Bill's Creek, which tumbles
down the Escarpment slope to join
the Beaver River.
 Pinnacle Rock Pinnacle Rock
Kolopore, Beaver Valley - 128 acres

This stunning reserve will give
geology buffs the opportunity to
explore a unique piece of
Escarpment dolostone up close.
The Rock itself is a geological
textbook holding prehistoric
wonders. Conserving this beautiful
property will add 1.5 km of
secured Bruce Trail to our
Optimum Route.

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