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Special Notice - Most of the Bruce Trail is open. Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See COVID-19 Updates

Our Bruce Trail community abounds with stories. We want to hear yours.

For over 50 years, people have been exploring, building, and sharing the Bruce Trail. During this time, our wonderful footpath has been the setting, and occasionally the main character, in stories of adventure, love, inspiration, hardship, comradery, surprise, reflection, joy, and more. We want to hear your Bruce Trail story.

Current story request:
Tell us about your local walks in nature during the pandemic
(on the Bruce Trail and beyond).

This past year, more people than ever have sought out a hike or walk in nature to recharge, get exercise, de-stress, or simply pass the time.

During the pandemic, you may have not been able to explore the Bruce Trail, or perhaps you find yourself on the Trail even more, on the same stretch close to home.

While we all do our best to stay safe and stay local, what have you done to make the most of your local walks, be they on the Bruce Trail or in your neighbourhood?  How has walking in nature played a role in your physical and mental health?  Have your walks changed the way you connect with nature?

Submit your story online or by email and you may see it featured in an upcoming issue of Bruce Trail Conservancy Magazine, or in our emails or social media channels.

Your words, shared with our community, may help others get through this difficult time.

Submissions can be anonymous. Photos to accompany your words are welcomed.


Ongoing story request: 
Your Bruce Trail Story

What role has the Bruce Trail played in your life? What experiences, memories, or traditions have been born on the Trail? As a member, volunteer, donor, landowner, or hiker why have you chosen to be part of our community? From life-changing end-to-ends, to friendships made, to seemingly ordinary moments. Every story is welcomed.

Essay, poem, lyrics, journal, blog - your story can take any of these forms.

Submit your story online or by email and you may see it featured in an upcoming issue of Bruce Trail Conservancy Magazine, or in our emails or social media channels.


Submission Details

  • Submissions may be made via online form (requires a Google login to facilitate uploading of a photo) or by email to
  • Submissions can take the form of essay, poem, lyrics, journal or blog and should be no longer than 600 words.
  • While submissions do not have to be about hiking, all stories must relate directly to an experience on or with the Bruce Trail.
  • Entrants are encouraged to include an accompanying photo.
  • Any submitted stories must be the original work of the author. Stories may be published anonymously if the author desires. Previously published work is acceptable and should be indicated as such.
  • Any submission that promotes actions conflicting with the Bruce Trail Users’ Code, or illegal or inappropriate activities, will be disqualified.
  • Submissions may also be selected to be featured in one of other communication channels including emails, newsletters, fundraising materials and social media. If so, you may be contacted by one of our staff for more details.
  • Stories received may be edited for length and clarity. You will have the opportunity to see any edits before it goes to print.
  • Submissions will be accepted throughout the year and do not need to be resubmitted for consideration in future issues.
  • Submit new stories as often as you would like. Stories from the same author will not be published in Bruce Trail Conservancy Magazine within 4 issues (1 year) of each other.

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