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Special Notice - Most of the Bruce Trail is open. STAY LOCAL, check for closures and hike responsibly. See COVID-19 Updates


Trying to get your kids out on the Bruce Trail?  For many children, the idea of a long "boring" walk along the Bruce Trail can seem less than exciting.  However, by making it a game it becomes far more interesting for kids of all ages.  Here are a few suggestions of games that can keep your child blissfully unaware of just how far they have walked and they will want to go out on the trail again and again!

Try the Bruce Trail Word Search! 

Alphabet Objects

In this game, you start with an object you spot on the trail that starts with an "A", such as an "animal" or "acorn".  The next person in your group will think of something that starts with "B" like a branch or birch tree.  The game continues all the way through the alphabet.  They can be things you actually see or things you might typically see along the Trail.  Feel free to eliminate the harder letters like "X" or "Z" from your hiking alphabet.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list in a spiral notebook for each of your kids that includes all the things that they might see on their hike.  As they hike, they will be looking around and really noticing their environment as they search for the items on their list.  If they find all the items on their list, they win!

Blaze Points


How many blazes can you find along the trail? Who can collect the most points.   Count by 1's or 10's and see how many blaze points your kids can accumulate while they walk.  Maybe it's a challenge to beat your record each time you go out or maybe you keep a tally to reach an ultimate goal.


Miles to Go

gamesmilesDuring each leg of your journey pick an object on the horizon.  Have everyone in your party estimate how long (either in kilometers, footsteps or minutes) it will be until you get there.  When you arrive, the person who gave the closest estimate wins the prize.  Prizes might be a special snack or the ability to choose the next landmark.