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Special Notice - Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See hiking safety tips

Parking & Transportation Options

Parking (Trail Access)

There are over 300 access points where the Bruce Trail crosses a road, marked with a Bruce Trail Access Sign. Parking is often nearby. 

These parking / access points are indicated in:

In them you'll see these symbols:

  • Red "P" = Parking Lot (at which fees may be charged by landowner, e.g. Provincial Parks etc.)
  • Black "P" =  Roadside Parking

Park Safely and Legally

  • Respect No Parking Zones: Look for and follow any no parking signs. Some places where parking is strictly forbidden are also listed in the text of the Reference and Downloadable Maps, and in our online Trail Changes.
  • If a trailhead parking lot is full, do not park on the road. Head to your "plan B" hike destination instead.
  • Where roadside parking is allowed, park only in designated areas.
  • Do not block driveways or farm gates.

Parking Reservations

Public Transit, Shuttles & Taxis

Accessing the Bruce Trail and its side trails by public transportation, shuttles and taxis is generally easier where the Bruce Trail runs close to developed areas (especially in our Niagara, Iroquoia & Toronto sections); however, in many remote areas typically no such service exists.

Some Bed & Breakfast owners near the Bruce Trail offer a hiker shuttle service for those staying overnight at their accommodation. Ask the host.

Bus Hikes from Toronto

Our Toronto Bruce Trail Club has an extensive program of "Bus Hikes" - making it easier for those without a vehicle in the city to get out an explore the Bruce Trail.

Bus Hikes are organized group hikes where everyone gets to and from the Trail on a chartered bus. Hikers meet the bus and the Hike Leader at a central location - usually York Mills or Islington TTC Station. The bus brings the group to the hike start, the Hike Leader takes everyone for a hike, and the bus picks up the group at the end of the hike and brings them back to the city.

Find out more about Toronto Bruce Trail Club Bus Hikes >

Trail Angels

Trail Angels are volunteers who provide transportation to solo or small groups of hikers - helping with a car shuttle or providing short distance pick-ups or drop-offs at Trail access points. Typically this is for those who would like to cover longer distances but only have one car available. 

With the assistance of a Trail Angel, hikers can leave one of those vehicles at home, thereby saving some money and also reducing their carbon footprint.  Hikers may also wish to start their hike at a location where there is no parking available, so a Trail Angel would enable them to do this.

The Trail Angel service might also be used by a through-hiker who is backpacking the whole trail, or a major portion of it, and needs a ride into town for groceries or to do laundry.

Bruce Trail Clubs with volunteer Trail Angel services:

Note: Trail Angel services are mostly on hold due to COVID-19

Currently, the following Clubs have resumed their Trail Angel service: 

Please check the Club’s website for more information. Please note that masks and open windows/good ventilation are mandatory for all Trail Angel rides. It is recommended that passengers ride in the backseat.

Niagara Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service resumed. Please follow guidelines.)

Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service on hold)

Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service on hold)

Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service on hold)

Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service on hold)

Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service on hold)

Sydenham Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service not offered)

Peninsula Bruce Trail Club (Trail Angel service on hold)