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Special Notice - Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See hiking safety tips

No Dog Areas on the Bruce Trail

Leashed dogs are allowed on most parts of the Bruce Trail. However, dogs are not permitted in the following areas of the Bruce Trail or its side trails, at the request of the landowners.

Please respect all signage. Some landowners – especially those with cattle or with dogs of their own – have specifically requested that dogs be leashed or prohibited on the Trail through their land.

Remember that dogs in these areas, or unleashed dogs anywhere on the Trail, can lead to strained relations between landowners and the Bruce Trail Conservancy. It can even result in parts of the Trail closing permanently if landowners no longer wish to host the Trail.

See our Guidelines for Dogs on the Bruce Trail

[Map references are from The Bruce Trail Reference, Maps and Trail Guide]

Last updated: September 28, 2021

Iroquoia section

Map 9: Waterdown
Main Bruce Trail paralleling Patterson Road roughly between km 63.8 and km 65.8

Caledon Hills section:

Map 16: Caledon East
Main Bruce Trail between St. Andrew’s Rd and Escarpment Sideroad, km 24.6 – km 26.2

Dufferin Hi-Land section:

Map 21: Black Bank
Main Bruce Trail west of Prince of Wales Rd, between 20 Sideroad and Hwy 21, km 42.4 – km 45.6.

Beaver Valley section:

Map 27/28: Epping / Blantyre
Fairmount Side Trail from Sideroad 22 B (km 98.3 of main Trail) to Sideroad 25.

Map 28: Blantyre
Last 3 km of Beaver Valley section. Main Bruce Trail between 7th Line and Hwy 12 (at Blantyre), km 116.2 – km 119.9

Sydenham section:

Map 29: Bighead River Valley
Walters Falls Side Trail (formerly main Trail) on the Falls Inn property. In Edition 30, this is shown as Main Trail, km 10.8 – km 12.3

Maps 31/32: Owen Sound East / Inglis Falls
Main Bruce Trail between Owen Sound Rail Trail and Superior St, km 86.5 – km 87.8.

Map 34: Kemble
The President's Path (side trail) and a portion of the Slough of Despond Side Trail between Concession 24 and Colpoy's Range Rd.

Map 35: Wiarton
Wiarton Airport property. Main Bruce Trail, km 170.3 – km 173.5.