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Pacific Slope

The Pacific Slope (Sendero Pacifico) Friendship Trail - Beaver Valley Club

In June 2015, a section of the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley is twinned with a piece of the Pacific Slope Trail in Costa Rica. The Pacific Slope Trail (Sendero Pacífico) Friendship Trail follows the Bruce Trail between Hoggs Falls (km 63.3, Map 26) to the BTC's parking lot at km 70.1 (Map 26) taking in a portion of the Beaver Valley's beautiful Falling Waters landscape. Below is a map of the Pacific Slope Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail.



The Pacific Slope Trail (Sendero Pacífico) section twinned with the Bruce Trail begins at San Luis in the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest conservation region, and the new Friendship Trail will lead into the Children's Eternal Rain Forest by agreement with the Monteverde Conservation League.

The Pacific Slope Trail Network is a vision shared by an informal association of individuals, community groups, and some organizations who wish to link forests and rural communities along Costa Rica's Pacific Slope via a freely accessible trail system.

Like the BTC, the Sendero Pacifico depends heavily on the participation and energy of many self-organized volunteers. The trail encompasses a network of trail systems, huts, conservation properties, ecological agriculture initiatives, alternative energy and wastewater treatment and water conservation projects.

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