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Special Notice - Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See hiking safety tips

Lebanon Mountain Trail

The Lebanon Mountain Trail Friendship Trail - Sydenham Club

In September 2012, a section of the Bruce Trail at the Bayview Escarpment Nature Reserve was twinned with section 5 of the Lebanon Mountain Trail. Below is a map of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Friendship Trail on the Bruce Trail, located in the Sydenham Club, Map 30.



The Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT) is the first long-distance hiking trail in Lebanon. The LMT is 470 km (293 miles) in length and showcases the natural beauty and cultural wealth found among Lebanon's mountains. It is home to 3 protected areas, 2 biosphere reserves and 1 World Heritage Site. The mandate of the LMT Association is to protect and promote the LMT for future generations.

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