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Special Notice - Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See hiking safety tips

Kythera Hiking

Kythera Hiking Friendship Trail - Toronto Club

In May 2017, a section of the Bruce Trail in the Toronto Club was twinned with Kythera Hiking in Greece. Below is a map of the  Kythera Hiking Friendship Trail located in the Toronto Club.

You'll also find it on our Bruce Trail Reference Map 11 and Map 12.



Kythera lies between Greece and Crete, and is an island jewel in the Greek seas. A rough diamond spared from mass tourism, Kythera's rugged terrain boasts immense ecological diversity. There is no better way to explore Kythera than by walking. Kythera Hiking is currently comprised of twelve hiking routes that guide visitors through age-old paths, scenic spots, waterfalls, ravines, medieval villages and secluded shores. 

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