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Special Notice - Most of the Bruce Trail is open. Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See COVID-19 Updates

An End-to-End is the completion of the entire main Bruce Trail on foot. At 900 km long, this journey can be done over 30 days or several years depending on how you'd like to approach it.

COVID-19 and End-to-Ends for 2021

The ongoing pandemic has certainly upended many plans for 2021 and unfortunately that includes plans for hikers completing End-to-Ends. This year it is more important thanever to consider the well-being of others – both those on the trail, as well as those in communities along the trail.

Club Section End-to-End Hikes are unlikely this year.

Due to the changing situation surrounding COVID-19, Bruce Trail Clubs are not able to plan and offer spring End-to-End hikes of their sections. End-to-End hikes normally held in the fall may also need to be cancelled.

Thru-hikes should be postponed.

Please put plans for thru-hiking the Bruce Trail on hold until itis safe to travel to other communities along the Trail. It is the travel through local communities that presents the greatest risk. Also keep in mind that, given the frequent changes, there is a good chance that restrictions could change while you are on your thru-hike.

Hike near your home. Postpone the completion of distant sections.

You may have only a few sections left to complete your End-to-End. Please avoid travelling outside your region to complete those sections until it is safe to travel to other communities along the Trail.

Visit our Guidelines for Hiking Responsibly & Safely in the time of COVID-19

Planning your End-to-End

When COVID-19 conditions allow, here's how you may plan your approach to an End-to-End of the Bruce Trail.

At Your Own Pace, Over Time

Most End-to-End hikers attempt to complete the full 900 km over the course of months or years, hiking sections of trail as they have time. These may be self-directed hikes, or part of the organized End-to-End hikes offered by Bruce Trail Clubs (not offered in 2021).

Section Hiking with Bruce Trail Clubs

Avoid the difficulty of scheduling trailhead transportation and enjoy the comraderie of hiking with other end-to-enders by participating in one of the organized section End-to-Ends offered by our nine Bruce Trail Clubs.

Club End-to-End Events are unlikely in 2021, due to the changing situation surrounding COVID-19. Bruce Trail Clubs are not able to plan and offer spring End-to-End hikes of their sections. End-to-End hikes normally held in the fall may also need to be cancelled.


Completing the entire 900 km Bruce Trail in a single trip is a major endeavour requiring significant physical, mental and logistic preparation.

Make sure you are prepared with the appropriate maps, clothing and food, and are physically ready for hiking with your gear.

Please note that pursuing a thru-hike by only camping is NOT possible. The designated camping areas are too few and far between. Camping in undesignated areas is considered trespassing and puts the route of the Bruce Trail at risk. Check out our roofed accommodation listings for other overnight options.

Remember, thru-hiking should be postponed in 2021.


Keep a hiking log and by the end of your journey, let us know so that we may officially recognize you as an End-to-Ender and present you with your badge!

We've issued over 4000 official End-to-End numbers in our 50+ year history. That is a wonderful record and we know that there are many more who have completed the Trail without letting us know.

Each year the names of those who have reported End-to-End completions in the previous 12 months are published in the spring issue of Bruce Trail Magazine.

To be recognized as an official End-to-Ender with the Bruce Trail Conservancy, we ask you to:

  1. Send us your hiking logs*
  2. Provide us with the date you completed your End-to-End
  3. Be a BTC member at the time you complete your End-to-End
  4. Send us $15 to cover the costs of your badge, certificate and processing your End-to-End.

*The hiking logs can be as simple as list of the dates of your hikes and where you started and ended each day. It might be worth having a separate page for each club section (especially as these will help you request Club Badges from the individual Bruce Trail Clubs).

Please note:

  • We operate on the honour system.
  • We give equal recognition all End-to-End hikers regardless of sequence, direction, speed, or whether the End-to-End was completed as a thru-hike or in sections. The BTC does not maintain records of End-to-End completion time or of End-to-Enders gender, age, or other characteristics.
  • We issue an End-to-End badge, a certificate, and a unique official End-to-End number.