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Special Notice - Plan ahead, check for closures, and hike responsibly. See hiking safety tips

Barrow Bay Cliffs

Peninsula section
363 acres
1.4 km of Bruce Trail Optimum Route
Removes 7.8 km of Trail from road

This property was purchased with funds from MapleCross and a community of generous individual donors in 2019.

Update: Trail Reroute & Staircase completed at Barrow Bay Cliffs, June 2020. See Map >

Barrow Bay Cliffs Nature Reserve is a stunning and ecologically vital property in the Peninsula section between Lion’s Head and Wiarton. Its creation preserves 363 acres of rugged, natural Escarpment landscape. It secures 1.4 km of the Bruce Trail, while removing close to 8 km of Trail from busy roads.

Ecologically, this acquisition is critical. Much of its expansive acreage is pristine interior forest habitat – “deep woods” which are increasingly rare in southern Ontario where roads and development fragment large tracts into smaller stands. By preserving this important wildlife habitat, we will be providing a refuge for many species which rely on interior forests including American Redstarts, Black-throated Blue Warblers, Black Bears and Fishers.

Equally impressive are the Escarpment rim features at Barrow Bay Cliffs. These provide specialized habitats that support regionally rare species. The 20-metre high cliffs are dotted with American Harebell, Smooth Cliffbrake, and Bulblet Fern. And here you will find one of the signature treasures of the Bruce Trail – Eastern White Cedars. Stunted and tenaciously clinging to the rock face, they are among the oldest North American trees east of the Rocky Mountains.