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Land Stewardship Program

The Bruce Trail Conservancy manages thousands of hectares of Escarpment land. The BTC Land Stewardship Program was implemented in order to effectively care for this significant land, and is the largest program of its kind run by a non-government organization in Ontario's history.

Two full-time staff are dedicated to the Land Stewardship Program. Under this program, staff develop stewardship plans for each property owned and/or managed by the BTC. Prepared from detailed ecological inventories and background research, these plans identify key stewardship issues for the improvement, maintenance and/or protection of the property's features and are used to guide the management of the property in a manner that is consistent with the mission and values of the BTC.

Volunteer Land Stewards

Volunteers are a vital component of the Land Stewardship Program. The primary volunteers in this program are the Land Stewards who are the caretakers and eyes of the land. Land Stewards visit their assigned properties at least twice a year, complete annual reports on the conditions of the property, provide input into the stewardship plans, and help to organize and carry out stewardship activities such as tree planting in abandoned fields, garbage removal, and installing signs and fences. The activities of the Land Stewards are overseen by nine volunteer Land Steward Directors.